How to Get Your Classroom Involved in the e-NABLE Volunteer Community

How to Get Your Classroom Involved in the e-NABLE Volunteer Community

Many schools have seen great results through this kind of hands-on program that connects the students with something that makes a meaningful impact on someone's life.

Here are some links to help you move forward with e-NABLE.
  • The e-NABLE Hub - A great place to ask questions, share your work, and collaborate with other volunteers
  • e-NABLE Wiki - You may have already seen some of our Wiki articles, but it's worth spending some time here to learn the basics about e-NABLE and how to get started.
  • e-NABLE Code of Conduct - Helpful guidance for volunteers and chapters. This Wiki page includes links to our liability waiver templates.
  • The e-NABLE Devices Catalog - Details about our various designs, including links to STL files, tutorials, etc.
    • Recommended designs to explore:
  • e-NABLE Digital Badge Awards - As you familiarize yourself with the various designs, be sure to claim the corresponding badges, which can be displayed on your web sites and social media.
  • e-NABLE Chapters Map - Here, you can browse existing e-NABLE chapters. Clicking on a chapter pin on the map will show details, including contact information. Scroll down past the map, and you'll find step-by-step instructions for establishing a new chapter.
  • e-NABLE Web Central - Register for a free account on e-NABLE Web Central, our matching platform. Here, you can browse existing cases (device requests) and offer to help make devices for specific individuals.
  • e-NABLE Educators Exchange - This is a space within the e-NABLE Hub where teachers can collaborate, share curriculum materials, etc.
  • Open Source e-NABLE Curriculum Materials - Created by other teachers within the e-NABLE community, this site has some great resources for teachers looking to bring e-NABLE into their classroom.
  • Paid Curriculum Materials - We also offer some excellent and affordable e-NABLE-oriented curriculum materials developed by our partner, Bit Space.

Once your group starts making devices, there are a few options for what you can do with them.
  • You can use e-NABLE Web Central to find recipients to make devices for
  • You can contact e-NABLE Chapters to see if they have recipients you can work with
  • You can post the finished devices in the Device Inventory section of e-NABLE Web Central to make them available to other volunteers
  • You can send the devices to our device collection and distribution center, where they will be tested and then distributed to people who can use them:
Dr. Brent Hollers
Sequoyah High School
4485 Hickory Rd.
Canton, GA 30115

3D Universe offers assembly materials kits for the more popular designs. Send us an email at if you need any further assistance getting started with e-NABLE, or if you need any assistance related to ordering our assembly materials kits.

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