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            Networking Considerations for the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended and Ultimaker S5

            The Ultimaker 3 series and Ultimaker S5 include wired and wireless networking capabilities. Your IT department may have questions about this from a security perspective. Here are some notes that may be useful:
            1. The Ultimaker 3 series and Ultimaker S5 do support wired or wireless network connections, mainly for puposes of doing over-the-air firmware updates and for sending/monitoring print jobs over the network.
            2. The Cura software used to prepare print jobs is a free download and is run locally. There are some features in Cura that require a network connection (like their plugins and materials marketplace), but most features can be used without network connectivity.
            3. The Cura Connect software (used to manage the print job queue) is hosted on the printer itself and can be accessed by any machine on the same local network.
            4. The printer firmware can be updated using the USB flash drive if a network connection is not available.
            5. Ultimaker printers are not currently able to connect to wireless networks that require web-based authentication (i.e. filling in a login name and password in order to connect to the wifi)
            6. Your IT department can set up a MAC address restriction so that the same static IP address gets assigned to the printer every time it's powered on. You can find the printer's MAC address in the networking menu on the printer. Then, they can open specific ports through the firewall: 80 (API, Webcam, Cura, Cura Connect) and 5353 (Zero-conf/mDNS).

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